Privacy Policy (“we”, “us”, “our”) respects and values your privacy as a user of our website. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, use, and share the information that you provide to us or that we collect from you when you visit (the “Website”).

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our practices and services. Any changes will be effective upon the posting of the revised Privacy Policy on the Website. By continuing to access or use our Website after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised policy.

Information We Collect: We may collect two types of information from users of our Website: personal information which is individually identifiable information such as your name, email address, shipping addresses; and non-personal information which is data about usage and service operation that is not associated with a specific personal identity such as user activity on our Website pages, frequency of visits and content preferences.

We collect personal information when you register for an account on our Website or fill out any forms on it. The collected personal information may include your name, postal address, telephone number, email address, credit card number and other relevant data in order to process payment for services provided by us or third parties funded by us. You may also provide us with additional information about yourself including gender and age in order for us to customize your experience with us.

We also collect certain non-personal information about you when you visit various pages on our site. We use cookies (small text files containing data sent from sites visited) stored on users’ computers in order to record session details such as IP address used while accessing the website and preferences set while visiting the site. These cookies are not required for the functioning of any page on our website but they help us improve user experience by tailoring it according to their past visits or preferences set earlier at our website. We do not link cookie data with personally identifiable information collected through registration forms etc.

How We Use Information Collected: The personal information collected by us is used primarily for processing payments made by users at or generating invoices related to services provided by third parties funded under our purview and sending them via email at registered addresses given during sign up process etcetera . Your non-personally identifiable data gathered through cookies may be used for displaying customized advertisements according to your past visits or preferences set earlier at our website etcetera . Other than this we do not provide this collected information to third parties but we reserve right to share aggregated form of this non-identifying data with sponsors etcetera .

Security Of Your Data: All the sensitive/credit card related data entered by user at InfluerToken is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) before transmission over Internet , thus making it extremely difficult for unauthorized persons/agencies/software programs etcetera intercepting these transmissions in between endpoints i–e browser & webserver . Such data once entered cannot be viewed even from backend / administrative level due its encryption . But still we would like all users accessing InfluerToken keeping utmost caution while dealing with financial aspects related with transactions undertaken here . Also passwords should never be shared openly without taking proper prior measures like password protection & encryption . If despite these precautions any misuse happens then neither company nor its employees shall have no responsibility whatsoever towards it .

In addition , all servers hosting InfleurToken are kept under strict security protocols restricting access only authorized personnel who follow strict guidelines regarding handling & storage of confidential user related info – like passwords , financial records & other private details entered into system during registration process & other activities conducted at site . Any unauthorized attempt made towards accessing any server resource directly connected with Influencer shall result in stern legal action against concerned person/entity responsible hereby clearing all liabilities attached provisionally towards Company / Employees thereof arising out of same incident further providing immunity against all liabilities therefrom arising henceforth worldwide forevermore eternally binding all subsisting laws applicable thereto too avoiding misinterpretation thereof if any through mutual agreement established hereby mutually binding all sides partaking into processes involved thereby completely resolving conflict if any arisen due malicious intentions misusing aforementioned agreement without prior written consent from both parties willing into executing aforesaid jointly thus ensuring complete security protection ensured onto servers hosting InfleurToken also safeguarding confidentiality perceived during entry/ storage /transmission/retrieval phases conclusively making final settlement moot henceforth terminating all disputes forthwith rendered determined finally legally enforcing conclusion reached hereunder accordingly forevermore standing witness thereto universally validating stipulations agreed hereinbefore executively ratified hereinafter mentioned globally finalized thenceforth absolutely affirmed hereunder without fail perpetually enshrined herein solemnly sworn henceforth irrevocably confirming confirmations assuredly declared abovewith verily professing permanent protection guaranteed hereby now & forever more.

This way all the data provided by users while registering, logging in or carrying out activities online at InfleurToken is kept under complete security & confidentiality framework making sure that it remains shielded away from any malicious attempts & stays intact against all possible threats. We have implemented a number of measures to ensure this and regularly check our system for improvements in order to provide maximum protection to users’ information.

In addition, we use encryption technology when transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site. All transactions are processed through a gateway provider and are not stored or processed on our servers. This ensures that your personal information is always secure and safe from any unauthorized access or manipulation . We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural security measures that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

By using our services, you hereby agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and grant us permission to collect, use, store and process any information provided by you during registration or while using InfleurToken. We strive to provide a safe and secure experience for all users and we thank you for placing your trust in us.